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Native RTL Support Our architectural division has produced and installed some of the most amazingly unique structures in the San Diego and L.A. country



Ultimate Browsers Support Our commercial division has produced and installed thousands of projects including millions of square feet of material.



Great Docs and Support Our residential division offers a wide range of metal products for Custom Homes, Art Pieces, Metal Furniture, and so much more.


 Our commercial division has produced and installed thousands of projects including millions of square feet of material. Some of the most recognizable structures in the country are in our jobs portfolio – Land Rover of San Diego, Porshe of San Diego, Coldwell banker Beverly hills, Quality Cheverolet Escondido, and South County GMC are just a few of the spectacular structures that showcase our work.

 Over a span of 40 years we have assisted thousands of manufacturers, construction managers and consulting firms in successfully completing their projects. As the foundation of our company, the commercial division of First Lyt Metal Fabrication has worked in a wide variety of industries including automobile dealerships, restaurants and fast food establishments, educational facilities, healthcare facilities, military and government, environmental,  power, and many more.

 Today we continue to build amazing products by incorporating innovative installation and fabrication methods along with a thorough understanding of the overall manufacturing process, First Lyt Metal Fabrication is the modern face of experience.

Take a look at some of our commercial projects.